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Born to artist parents in the spring of 1970, making art has been a way of life for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of making ”invisible” drawings, yellow maker on white paper. I would wake long before my parents and make stacks of these drawings in the near darkness of dawn. Slowly the light would strengthen, transforming the white pages into bright images of critters, silly self-portraits and designs. I was hooked for life.

I still remember the moment when I realized that I was an artist. It was 4th grade and the entire class had completed an assignment to draw an owl. The teacher taped all our drawings on the blackboard for us to see and discuss. Everyone in the class agreed that my friend Tulsi and I had made the best owls. I didn’t think so at first, there were many owls I liked, but as I studied mine hanging with the others I noticed that mine was the most owlish in its form, detail and character. Something inside me burst open at that moment. I wasn’t going to be an artist. I was an artist already.

From then on I practiced my craft diligently.

The road to becoming a professional artist has been a way less traveled. I did not go to art school, enrolling instead in the school of life. I began showing my work solo at 18 in cafes, shops, and small galleries and continued in this direction through my twenties. By 30 I had created a large enough fan base to sell primarily from my studio. Along the way I have experimented with using my talent for other art forms: doll making, storyboarding, graphic art, book illustration, public (mural) art and teaching to name few.

I am a diverse artist of many muses. Painting is my primary muse but the truth is I will turn at any moment to sculpture, mixed media, drawing, writing, singing, and dancing. Who knows what muse will turn up at my table next? I regard all inspiration as divine.


The process of creating art is my method of communing with an unseen force that resides in me and in the world around me.  It makes no difference if I am painting plein air, fantasy, or abstract, the source is the same.  The connection comes from within.

Each female nude is a reflection of my psyche, a mirror in which I can examine my soul’s inner workings and development.  Magical creatures and mythological beings are metaphors I use for the dynamics of human development that I see at work in the world around me.  Here I am joined by a myriad cast of characters who exist in a place without time.  They are reflections of our past, present and future selves. These images surface like bright bubbles of illumination and glow beckoning in the depths of my unconscious from the waters of my soul.  Painting helps me discover who I am and why I do what I do. 

I live surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Sierra Nevada foothills in northern California in a small tight knit community.  The land and the people here inspire me to create.  I see things every day I want to paint:  the lattice of oak branches against the pale sky, the curving pattern of lichen and moss on granite, wet ponderosa pine bark, dancing manzanita limbs, the creamy and blushing flesh of exposed jurasic soils in the diggins, the enchanting emerald pools of the middle and south Yuba rivers - the list is endless.

Plein aire painting is a direct connection to each moment.  It is time and place encapsulated.  Each painting becomes a door to the magic of the world we live in.  I race the sun’s light in its relentless motion, dig into my strength of intuition to choose color and form without thought.  There is no time to doubt.  There is no time to agonize over a choice.  There is only the present moment, my canvas, my paint, my brushes and supplies, the sun and the wide world.  My self disappears.

When a place calls to me, I go back and paint it.  Death Valley is one such place. The landforms there are dramatic and picturesque.  Stripes of different colors zig and zag in geologic patterns and melt into each other.  Ephemeral desert streams spread their wide alluvial fans from the mouths of painted canyons. Rock formations poke through the valley like heads of buried giants.  This barren world feels raw and essential like living inside a myth or lucid dream.  In the moonlight I walk in the dunes with the warm sand washing over my bare feet.  It is in moments like this when my place – as an artist, mother, lover, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and a wild spirit – become clear.  I am connected with my purpose and myself.
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